Guatemala Antigua Valle De Volcanes - Medium Roast

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This coffee is from Antigua Guatemala, considered by some to be the crown jewel of the coffee world!
This amazing and balanced coffee gives notes of milk chocolate, mild sweetness, and a pleasantly winey complexity.

This coffee manages to be the best of both worlds, with good body but incredible smoothness.

Antigua is one of the most popular coffee regions throughout the world. The valley is encircled by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Its climate is temperate all year with steady moisture that makes this a suitable and perfect place for coffee to be slowly nurtured. Cool nights finalize the process of stabilization, preventing extreme climate variations between the dry and wet seasons of Guatemala. Antigua's coffee is often characterized for being outstanding in the cup, and its complexity varies, normally exhibiting a floral acidity that is often spicy or chocolatey.

When you need coffee that emphasizes the origin and artisan roasting, Roasta Vida! #RoastLife.

  • Light to medium roasts that best emphasize the characteristics of each bean.
  • We only roast the highest quality, specialty-grade coffee beans that we have sourced ourselves!
  • Taste smooth, never bitter flavors with pleasant acidity and notes of stone fruit and citrus.
  • Air roasts to accentuate the origin without scorching the surface of the bean with the searing hot metal surfaces of traditional drum roasting techniques. 
  • 100% natural. We use no artificial additives or ingredients so you know exactly what’s going into each cup of coffee — just strong, high-quality coffee beans.
  • Available in ground or whole bean so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag and start brewing